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■House in Yakumo
This is the house for a couple with two small children located in a suburb of Tokyo. A form like a vase is characteristic. Large bay windows and entrance which were built with galvanization jump out of an outer wall, on the contrary, the longitudinal side wall has been drilled for the balconies. These are the intermediate spaces made by the perimeter of the house, and are the mechanisms for leading light and a wind to an inside and completing the lively space. For example, it is a toplight device. This is the air chamber with exhaust port which get hot air through the slits of the living ceiling, is making the flow of the good wind. The big bay window with the longwise ventilating slit in the side, is another device that makes a wind crossing the living room. The form of this house is the result of finding that it is required through the process of a design and giving a form to the discovered theme , and making shape take as it is. The form where it appeared at the end was somewhat humorous.
Location:Meguro city,Tokyo
Structure system:Rainforced concrete + Wooden
Total floor plan:164.55m2
Structural engineer:Katsuharu Sugiura
Mechanical engineer:Shimazu Design Office Ltd.
General contractor:Nissyo Constraction
Photos:*   Shigeo Ogawa
     **  Hiroyuki Hirai